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Kleva Project Delivery

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Walkerscott follows a robust project delivery methodology that we call Kleva Project Delivery.

It is based on industry standard project management processes such as PMBOK, Prince2 and Agile.

However, we are more focused on delivering project outcomes within the Kleva Project Delivery framework than filling in paperwork that serves little purpose. Our methodology can be summarised in the following infographic.


Verb | ini·ti·ate | \i-ˈni-shē-ˌāt\

To start or cause the beginning of something.

Engagement by the client
Understanding of client objectives and high level requirements
Budget estimate is agreed
Project Specification document is drafted and signed off
Project Lead is engaged


Verb | \ˈplan\

To create, define or arrange a set of actions as a way to do or achieve something.

Detailed requirements understood through workshops
Solution designed to meet the requirements
Budget to deliver the solution is finalised
Delivery plan in place and resources allocated
Project Specification document is signed off


Verb | de·liv·er | \di-ˈli-vər, dē-\

To do what you say you will do or what people expect you to do in order to produce the promised, wanted, or expected results.

Project team executes tasks according to the plan
Documentation is kept up to date
Change happens, we can deal with it
Project monitoring is consistently tracking progress
Solution is delivered according to the detailed requirements


Verb | mon·i·tor | \ˈmä-nə-tər\

To watch, observe, listen to, or check something over a period of time.

Hive is always up to date
Project status reporting is being delivered
Client is engaged on progress
Organisation is ready for change to occur



Verb | re·view | \ri-ˈvyü\

To carefully look at or examine the quality, condition or outcome of something.

Final handover to the client
Support mechanism is in place if required
Final reporting is completed
Project team reflects on project with the client
Project Specification document is signed off