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Delivering cloud ERP with MYOB Advanced

Tuatara’s sustained growth coupled with a focus on elevating operating processes meant it was faced with the reality that it had outgrown it’s current MYOB Account Right business system.

Having previously engaged WalkerScott to deliver critical business information with tight budget constraints, Tuatara asked for us to deliver a cost-effective Cloud ERP solution that would keep up with their rapidly growing business. To support Tuatara’s business goal of building a platform for future growth the highest priority was to employ a solution with the capabilities to apply additional attributes to customers and items and included EDI functionality to provide a systematic approach to operating the business.

WalkerScott were engaged to replace the current financial and reporting system with and end-to-end solution that would scale the growth of the business while streamlining Tuatara’s operations, reduce risk and elevate their customer service with minimal disruption to the business.
The existing account system was essentially a financial reporting and invoicing system and lacked the ‘end to end’ solution of a good ERP. Specifically, it lacked visibility over the supply chain, had no EDI function and generally lacked control. The core objective was to provide a more systemised approach to management with the end goal of continually raising the customer service bar.

MYOB Advanced

WalkerScott implements MYOB Advanced, a cloud ERP solution.

With no capacity on the existing infrastructure and no desire to spend in this area resulted in a hosted soluion being the only option. Usually the realm of the big boys creative thinking was put to the test to design a solution. Partnering with Wellington start up Eight-wire a solution was engineered with the end result being that the hardest component was installing an ODBC driver for MYOB.

WalkerScott proposed the Advanced ERP solution from MYOB, a cloud-based application with a monthly subscription model and no up-front technology spend. Advanced contains the full suite of functionality resulting in a solution that will meet Tuatara’s needs and will scale the business as it grows.
The functionality includes inventory management with batch control while the bill of the material system handles the brewing process. The integrated CRM along with EDI and customer portal enables a sales order process that drives the picking, logistics and shipping advice.

A platform to grow from

MYOB Advanced delivers now and has provide a solution that the business can grow as the business continues to expand.

WalkerScott’s implementation of MYOB Advanced has streamlined inventory management with an integrated CRM, EDI and customer portal, enabling Tuatara to dramatically decrease it’s customer order processing time and deliver greater visibility over inventory. The flow on effect has provided greater efficiency in back office processing and automated financial reporting.

Tuatara’s Operations Manager, Jason Brown, says “WalkerScott warned us that changing to a full blown Cloud ERP can be stressful, however, they managed this for us and we are now benefiting from the efficiency and control.”

WalkerScott organised a staged implementation, which while it delayed some benefits, it controlled and reduced risk. Six months on, as WalkerScott director Blair Scott explains, “…it is not the change itself that creates stress, it is the fear of not being able to cope. By taking a one step at a time approach the learning curve is eased and stress reduced leading to good ‘adoption’”.
With the core solution bedded down, Tuatara are now looking to roll out the Fixed Assets, CRM, customer portal, customer EDI and payroll modules and are taking full advantage of the Advanced capabilities.


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