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Manage Big Data and Small Data to your Advantage. Simplifying the complexity of modern data sources and targets to help analyze and process data in the way it should be.

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Key Benefits of Data Enginnering

Data Migration and Integration

Get your data migration and various application integration tasks right the first time with walkerscott.

Enterprise Data Architecture

Let us help you make sense of how to consistently turn your vast and complicated data sets into value.

Master Data

Cleanse and centralise your master data to improve the accuracy of transactional and analytical information.

Data Migration and Integration

Nobody loves data migration, if we are all being truly honest with ourselves. After you have selected that exciting, shiny, new target system, it is a necessary evil that you need to migrate the data from your old, maligned source system. Walkerscott has vast experience in getting data migration right the first time, and in ensuring failed data migrations can be resurrected from the ashes. We are also experts in Enterprise Application Integration and Message-Oriented Middleware.

Support for all combinations of On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid data migrations
Enterprise-level data integration
Reduce friction when working with external partners and internal processes

Enterprise Data Architecture

Building a valuable, enterprise-grade data architecture takes careful planning and tight management in the execution of that plan. At Walkerscott, we have a deep understanding of data structures and the ways in which data is captured. Our expertise in transactional applications, as well as data warehousing, uniquely positions us to align your information with your strategic goals.

Integrated Enterprise Solutions
Strategic data and information roadmaps
The right information in the right place at the right time

Master Data Management

Poor master data management can lead to a variety of inefficiencies, including incorrect pricing, accounting errors and inaccurate reporting. Whether you need a referential data system, a fully integrated solution to manage all of your data entry, or you just want to improve the quality of your data and processes, we can help.

Data quality services
Build a central source of truth for master data
Provide a fully traceable audit trail for your data